Saturday, September 22, 2012

Extraordinary Things

Happy Pink Saturday!
I have been gone for quite some time. Here in the desert summer means high temperatures, so getting out and about and traveling to cooler climates and higher altitudes is a must and this year I was no exception!
In addition to several weekend escapes, I moved into a different home at a moments notice. This has had a tremendous impact on my lifestyle and I have yet to bring over and unpack the stashes of art materials that I have enjoyed using to create the wonderful pieces of art for challenges and swaps that I would so frequently post on this very blog!

Today, however,  I wanted to share the events of the most recent trip that I had taken to visit my sister who lives south of San Francisco, in the magical place known as"Silicon Valley".
The trip was taken to commemorate the visit of 'Abdul-Baha's historic visit to America 100 years ago. It was quite an  incredible visit, the San Francisco events theme was "Celebrating World Peace". It was a wonderful trip celebrated with so many family members and friends.
San Francisco War Memorial Opera House

On the Saturday night of the trip, I took a ferry ride with the children from Pier 39 in San Francisco to Sausalito, California. It was such a beautiful evening. The sail over was fun and the weather was perfect. It was dinner time when we arrived,  so while the others were seeking a bowl of clam chowder to eat, I became captivated by this sign and ran right over to this place to explore this most intriguing space. I immediately walked in the door and was filled with surprise and wonder with what I saw . The room was filled with absolutely gorgeous works of art. The pieces fantastic, colorful and whimsical. My only sadness was that I would not be in town to celebrate the grand opening event of this wonderful place which took place last night!

This  invitation was created for the grand opening event.
Daniel Merriam Art
Want to see more? Go for a visit to Daniel Merriam Art and enjoy the extraordinary works of art on display and be prepared to be amazed! One point before you go, he encourages guests to dress for the occasion, so done your fancy dress and take a trip over, you will enjoy it!

What a wonderful Pink Saturday! Beverly has so many wonderful friends who participate in Pink Saturday it's a pleasure to be one of them. Please enjoy more Pink Saturday with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.
I made me happy to visit many of the friend's blogs on Pink Saturday even when I was unable to put together a post. It's such a joy to visit so many wonderful friend's and share in their lives. Please take a moment and share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you!
Enjoy this glorious day! Happy Pink Saturday!