Tuesday, February 26, 2013

She Is So Green

The challenge was color. What was I to do ? There were so many ideas in my head, I had a difficult time creating art in a single color. Inspired by these ladies found in the pages of a magazine, abridged quotations selected for them and adhered  to some green backgrounds and finished with the barest embellishments.
Just a little "Green Fun".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Out of the Envelope

Wednesday was a special day here in the Valley  as we witness a snow flurry!  Usually the common words here are dry and hot, however, a cold wave passed through and created wet and snowy conditions!
Equally surprising was the envelope that was waiting for me when I arrived home, it was a beautifully packaged envelope packed with wonderful Marie ATC's.
It was thrilling to open this package and pull out these precious pieces of art! A sweet new vintage Marie ATC gallery....They are so special I want to share them here and thank everyone whose work I have received. I love each and every card, I hope you do too!
Beautiful floral Marie 
by Pamela

A blue stunner
by Barb

A feminine splendour
by Amanda

A beaded wonder
by Carey

A sweet flower
by Tracie

The Marie that stayed behind
by me 

These cards are so very special. Thank you for taking the time to view this amazing collection. I 
hope you agree with me that Marie never looked so beautiful!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Has anyone seen my hat?

 Pointy hat, that is?
 I feel like the life of the party in my hat.....
 My hat helps me hit those high notes....
You can see the moon and stars in my hat....
To see more Pointy Hat Moo's please visit the Pointed Hat Gallery at Moo-Mania!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink Lanterns

It's fun to explore different cultures with my Girl Scouts, they enjoy it so very much. This week, in preparing for the lantern festival, part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, we made paper lanterns. Making paper lanterns had been on my mind for some time, I had wanted to make them with some the little votive lights that can be purchased at the dollar store, of which I had been collecting for such a project, but the lanterns were never made.

 This week I wanted to do something creative with the girls, so the paper lantern project was revisited and the materials used to make them collected and with a little preprep done by my coworker, the project turned out very successful and the girls were happy!

The materials needed for this project are Origami paper, pictured here is a luscious pink with gold, scissors, glue stick, and awl with some string for hanging. The gold paper was cut prior to the event, with the large cutter, so all 36 sheets were cut at once.  About a half inch was cut off twice from the end of gold paper...this made the construction of the project so easy and quick.

Several can be made quickly and strung with a strong thread, measuring the distance between each lantern  and knotting the thread after every lantern, prevents them from sliding. Hanging the paper lanterns gives a room a very festive look.

Completing several lanterns made the girls very happy! Each of the girls took several sheets of paper home  to make more paper lanterns for their rooms.
Creating in pink brings about a great amount of happiness, so for more happiness, please visit Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound" where there is a wonderful community of pink lovers who share their delightful Pink Saturday's on their amazing blogs!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Purple Valentines Blog Hop Giveaway

Thank you all for visiting and posting comments during this wonderful week of love.  I enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments so very much!   
So.......... I offer congratulations to the winner of the Purple Love tags:  Kris Dickinson
Welcome to the "Purple Blog Hop Giveaway". There is so much love all around us and when I was pondering what to create for this giveaway blog hop, I saw some tags for sale at the local scrapbook store, they were so cute, and perfect for the gift to give during this special blog hop, so....I thought I would make some purple love tags to share the love.
These tags were so fun to make. They're constructed out of three great shades of violet-purple. The tags feature a heart cut from embossed paper with a lovely flower on it's side. They express it all with love stamped across the bottom in black ink. To finish the tag a strand of baker's twine was inserted into the top.

Use these tags to send a personal love note, to dress a gift package or make them the start of a cute love banner. The set comes with five 3 inch wide tags. To receive a set of tags, simply leave a comment below this post and share what you would consider as the most romantic gift. Not only will I enjoy reading all your comments, there will be one lucky commenter who will win the set of 5 tags. The winner will be selected at random and posted on this blog February 15th.
If you haven't been to the Dean Designs blog,  please go, it is a lovely destination and it is the originating site for this fabulous blog hop!
Thanks for your visit, have a week filled with chocolate hearts and warm hugs!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kung-Hsi Fa-Ts'ai

Cleaning house, washing clothes, doing hair, decorating, planning feast, Celebrate.
On the eve of the Chinese New Year, I am busy making the preparations to enjoy many Celebrations.
My first celebration is the Pink Saturday Celebration.
This week in learning & sharing cultures, several groups of Girl Scouts, here in the valley have painted fans for the new year. It was such a fun project, I also participated,  painting mine Pink in honor of this auspicious day!!

I will also be celebrating by making a trip to the Chinese market later in the day to pick up a box of fortune cookies and enjoy some Chinese Pancakes,while I am there. Chinese pancakes are wonderful. They are smaller in size and they are stuffed with the most delicious fillings. You may choose, coconut, custard or red bean paste. If you haven't tried them, please do, I highly recommend it.

This evening I will be celebrating among friends and perhaps playing some card games or just enjoying friends in fellowship and meaningful conversations.
Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound" is hosting many more friends celebrating Pink Saturday, so please take some time and visit these more of these wonderful friends as they share their Pink.
  Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful Pink Saturday and Kung Hsi Fa-Ts'ai.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Love is in the Air

Congratulations to the winner of the AR Customer Blog Hop: The blog hop winner came from Lynn's blog:  Jess
Welcome to stop 6 as you hop along this wonderful "Creations by AR" Customer Valentine's Day Blog Hop.
You have just come from a visit from Lynn's blog, so I hope you're having fun hopping along and discovering the fabulous templates that are available to you from Creations By AR. I was so excited that Lisa announced another customer blog hop. The templates are so easy to use and every project looks amazing when completed, I just had to join.
 Love really is in the air! 
When I signed up to participate, I had no idea what I wanted to create, after contemplation with the papers I wanted to use, I selected the the heart shaped box template with the planter template and created a little Valentine's Day treat that is so very sweet!
To make this wonderful Valentine's day favor, I used the small heart template and cut out 2 hearts, these were glues together with the right sides out and a pixie stick was inserted between them before the glue was dry.
Next came the planters, which is really ideal when used with double sided paper. My paper was single sided so I cut out two and then glued the two papers together. This produced a contrasting top for the planter.
This template assembled quickly and easily so I was able to make several favors for my valentine's day guests.
A little cube of floral foam was inserted into the planter to hold the Pixie stick in place and some small conversation hearts were then piled into the planter to hide the foam. A small tag stamped with the word valentine was made and attached to the Pixie stick with a pink gingham ribbon, this gives a little identity to each one of the favor's.
So easy to make and so very sweet to add to your table for this special day of Love!

I do hope you are commenting along the way and letting us know how much fun you're having visiting everyone on this blog hop! When the blog hop is over a winner will be selected from all the comments, so please comment along the way!  The lucky winner will receive a new template from AR
If you have been hopping in order, you have one more stop to make at Jennyfer's blog, so enjoy!
If you're a facebook user, please go to Creations By AR and Like her page!

Please leave a comment, I would love to read it...and remember that  a winner will be selected to receive a brand new template! Many thanks for coming by and good luck!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Moo Moment

It was time to stop all things and take a few minutes to be creative and participate in the current Moo- Mania moo card challenge. The theme for this challenge is postage stamps, so I quickly found a few images and began creating a little collage. It was so fun I couldn't stop at one!

This moo card was put together using images from the wonderful Artchix studio and Graphics 45. The trim was purchased from the Daiso in San Francisco. It was fun creating this warm vintage card.

Of course. when being creative, why stop...just keep on going? This pretty moo card was created from a Artchix collage sheet, with a  flower and postage stamp that came from a collage element collection from Hot Off the Press. To finish the card a little pink German scrap was glues to each end.

 Of course, I had a creative moment while I was cleaning and organizing papers and created this fun Moo called Magic Slippers. Of course they were Ruby Slippers,weren't they?. I began to by using the back of the paper pad, so wonderful, never have to waste the packaging again! Oh isn't the lion so sweet, who needs courage when you are so darling!
 To participate in this moo challenge head on over to Moo-Mania, while you are there take the time view the large gallery of wonderful Moo Cards and join the fun!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Enio Bonchev - 2012 Rose oil production.avi

Bulgarian Rose is such a wonderful aroma. A truly enchanting scent. A marvelous ingredient in your Perfume, your lotion or even in your cup of tea. It is extremely feminine and the scent lingers and becomes very memorable.
It takes a great deal of rose petals to get oil and the process for harvesting is amazing. It is perfect to share on this Pink Saturday! For more wonderful pretty pink roses please visit Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound".
Thank you for sharing a wonderful moment with me this Pink Saturday!