Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kung-Hsi Fa-Ts'ai

Cleaning house, washing clothes, doing hair, decorating, planning feast, Celebrate.
On the eve of the Chinese New Year, I am busy making the preparations to enjoy many Celebrations.
My first celebration is the Pink Saturday Celebration.
This week in learning & sharing cultures, several groups of Girl Scouts, here in the valley have painted fans for the new year. It was such a fun project, I also participated,  painting mine Pink in honor of this auspicious day!!

I will also be celebrating by making a trip to the Chinese market later in the day to pick up a box of fortune cookies and enjoy some Chinese Pancakes,while I am there. Chinese pancakes are wonderful. They are smaller in size and they are stuffed with the most delicious fillings. You may choose, coconut, custard or red bean paste. If you haven't tried them, please do, I highly recommend it.

This evening I will be celebrating among friends and perhaps playing some card games or just enjoying friends in fellowship and meaningful conversations.
Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound" is hosting many more friends celebrating Pink Saturday, so please take some time and visit these more of these wonderful friends as they share their Pink.
  Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful Pink Saturday and Kung Hsi Fa-Ts'ai.


  1. Love the addition of the pink on the fan. Found flowers to make. What do you think about Quilling for the girls?? Love that you are having a great day.
    See you Monday. Do you need anything??

    1. I think the project will be cute, will each girl get a quilling tool?

  2. Love that fan. I have one or two similar that are very old. I also like your header and sidebars on your blog.

  3. I love the fan do you sell them???