Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having Fun

Here they are! The finished Barbies....and Ken. Now they are Lady Gaga, Tim Holtz, I Love Paris,and the Pierrot. They were so much fun to plan and create.
Jennifer has the complete collection on display at Mystic Paper
If you happen to be in Mesa, go in and see them, there is some great dolls on display. My favorites in the collection are: The album cover Barbie, she is sure to bring a smile on your face! Jennifer created a great Frida, her sandals are fabulous. ( I didn't get to add shoes...have you ever noticed the shoes are either always missing or there is only one?) I love Kevyn's dolls they are out of this world!
It's funny, as a girl I never played with an adult, I have grown to love Barbie. I have fallen in love with her through the many artists who created signature Barbies.
Do you want to play? The next swap will be in the fall, the details will be posted at Mystic Paper.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Current Events

It's really hot here in the valley. Not only is the thermostat rising, but Barbie , that little "hottie"Pin Up doll, manufactured by Mattel for girls of all ages to adore and dress has been the hottest topic at Mystic Paper in Downtown Mesa. It has been several weeks since Jennifer posted the Altered Barbie Swap and the shop has been filling up with long legged looks of all kinds! The Barbies will be featured in a display beginning on Saturday, July 24, so if you are in the area... stop and take a look. Jennifer is offering a sneak peek as well on the store blog too.
A few weeks ago I began the creative process when I saw the photo of this famous magazine cover:

I just had to create a Barbie of her. She was the my first one! I have to admit, I did use a few more bubbles!
My second barbie is not really a Barbie at all.... It's a Ken, my inspiration.....well let's just say he's that well known craft icon that we all know and love. Yes, you guessed it, I got my inspiration here.
The last two Barbies are not famous people, they were inspired from fun and fantasy. You can see a glimpse of one in the photo on the store post! If you see her, let me know what you think!
If you haven't altered a Barbie...try it, not only is it fun, it's addictive!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swapping Is Hot

The heat isn't the only thing sizzling out here this summer, the live ATC swaps here in town have been really hot too. It has been a busy summer running around town to participate in the Live Swaps Events and it's also a lot of fun to see everyone around their trip and vacation schedules to share a little art. The themes have been perfect for summertime creativity! There has been Music, Summertime Fun, Gypsy, Ocean and Stamp themes! If your staying in town, come out and join us. Next weeks card theme is "Travel to a Another Land!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue

The heat's up here in town and
this weekend there's a great line up for holiday
entertainment to enjoy for all.
But that's not all...
Those gorgeous pin up girl ATC's created for the
Red, White and Blue Pin Up swap have made
their way back to the wonderful participants!
Each participant received a star with a small
accordion book to hold their lovely beauties!
Let's open the book to see the fabulous ATC's created
to celebrate gorgeous women and this glorious nation!
I want thank everyone for participating in this wonderful swap!
The art is so much fun! Pictured from the top are cards designed by the fabulous: Melissa, Jennifer, Dawn, Charlotte and mine. Have a wonderful holiday, I hope that everyone enjoys the festivities in the towns and cities they live in and women who live in this wonderful nation contemplate on the fortunes of feedom to be the bombshells that they were born to be!