Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having Fun

Here they are! The finished Barbies....and Ken. Now they are Lady Gaga, Tim Holtz, I Love Paris,and the Pierrot. They were so much fun to plan and create.
Jennifer has the complete collection on display at Mystic Paper
If you happen to be in Mesa, go in and see them, there is some great dolls on display. My favorites in the collection are: The album cover Barbie, she is sure to bring a smile on your face! Jennifer created a great Frida, her sandals are fabulous. ( I didn't get to add shoes...have you ever noticed the shoes are either always missing or there is only one?) I love Kevyn's dolls they are out of this world!
It's funny, as a girl I never played with an adult, I have grown to love Barbie. I have fallen in love with her through the many artists who created signature Barbies.
Do you want to play? The next swap will be in the fall, the details will be posted at Mystic Paper.

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  1. Gigi--I LOVE your Pierrot Barbie!!! Very creative!!! That was a fun swap!! :)