Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sneak Peek

Black and White swaps are a favorite of mine.
I am anxiously awaiting for an envelope full
of Black and White cards.
The image on this card is a fun one to use. I like it
because it is set on a old music . (which I cut out for this piece)
The back ground image on this ATC was one I found by Paper Artsy
at "The Frenzy Stamper" I couldn't resist. I saw it a while ago and there was only one in the box, so I kept putting it towards the back each time I would go shopping. ( Have you ever done that?)
Last month I new I wanted to create this card, so luck was with me as it was still in the box.
The sneak peek is for my friend Christy, who is part of an Altered Book Round Robin I was asked to participate in~and I can hardly wait to begin. Her book is Black and White with a little splash of color.....It seems I can use my favorite set again in a montage I create for her!

A Trip to the Inchie Zoo

One great reason to create art is to share in the creative process.
That is why I enjoy swaps so very much.
Every month I run to the live swap at "The Frenzy Stamper" in Scottsdale.
There I have the opportunity to participate in a live swap, talk about artistic
concepts and shop for new products.
Everyone is so very wonderful and I absolutely adore Debbie, who is the shop's owner.
She is so helpful, and such a great art cheerleader.
This month, she is hosting a very special swap......The inchie Zoo swap.
The picture you see is the first step to my first zoo inchie.... I will post this inchie when complete.... Well, when the inchies are all traded.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Swappers Delight

Well, I haven't had a moment to get to the computer for awhile due
to the fact I have glued my fingers together! (Lucky for me it comes off!)
Art is so fun!
This project was so fun and reflective. It is a summery of my years
working for Lancome. Working for Lancome was like living in a bouquet of
the most beautiful fragrant flowers.
The subtle aroma that a beautiful perfume can surround a women in and make her
memorable was the creative thought that inspired me to create this bookmark.
It is the first one of six that I created for the Paris Bookmark swap.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Holidays are to far apart.
There should be many more
celebrations here on earth.
They really should be "out of this world".
I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and celebrations and also had a free moment to create wonderful pieces of art. (Yes, I have to admit I took art material and glue stick up to Flagstaff.)
While celebrating the holiday, the winner of the holiday ATC giveaway was chosen. I will contact the winner because it is exciting!