Friday, July 24, 2009

Swappers Delight

Well, I haven't had a moment to get to the computer for awhile due
to the fact I have glued my fingers together! (Lucky for me it comes off!)
Art is so fun!
This project was so fun and reflective. It is a summery of my years
working for Lancome. Working for Lancome was like living in a bouquet of
the most beautiful fragrant flowers.
The subtle aroma that a beautiful perfume can surround a women in and make her
memorable was the creative thought that inspired me to create this bookmark.
It is the first one of six that I created for the Paris Bookmark swap.


  1. SO happy to see you back, Gigi! This bookmark is beautiful-one of those things you could look at over and over and still see something new. Nice balance of elements. It is always so great to be in a swap you are part of because your work is stellar!

  2. OMG!! I just realized that this is the artwork that was on the front of the ATC envie you sent me. How lucky am I? I removed it from the envelope (which I will reuse) and attached it to a sturdy cardstock and have been using it to mark the pages of my latest read. It is so beautifully done...