Saturday, February 25, 2012

All Dolled Up

Happy Pink Saturday, my amazing talented friends. Today is a wonderful day, a day to revel with joy. A day to share with all the incredible friends who participate with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and spend the day visiting each other sharing this Pink Saturday!
How grateful I am to be able to share my challenges and projects and life with all my friends. The gracious and kind comments that I receive are all so special to me.
Like these beautiful dolls who are so precious and each one makes the doll next to it look so much sweeter!
They are so cute in their "Pink"!

Thank you to all the friends who came for a visit last Saturday to leave a comment to win the lace and trim tags. The tags were so fun to make and the laces are so beautiful to work with!
They can be used for a wide variety of crafts, I enjoy using them as embellishments for ATC's inchies and tags, however I have used them for sewing projects as well.

Here is another look at the set of tags:

And the Winner is......selected at random from all those who left a comment:
My art and ATC swapping friend Consuella Jackson!
We have been swapping art for several years now! I look forward to seeing the wonderful art she will create! Thank you again to everyone who came for a visit and the wonderful comments that you took the time to write. Please visit often as I will be hosting many more give aways in the future!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Moo's

Many people plan to go to New Orleans to visit, several plan for the Mardi Gras. A few years ago my daughter was fortunate to go to New Orleans on a band trip. She came home with the most wonderful photographs of the Mardi Gras floats that were created for the this celebration. Those same photos were the muse for the creation of this weeks
Moo Challenge.....
Carnival~Mardi Gras.

Creating a Moo is quite a lot of fun and a bit challenging because of it's size.
It's approximately 1.1 x 2.8 inches. The above Moo was created from white index, a collage sheet, black and white patterned paper, music rub on's with German scrap to finish.

While I was collecting supplies to use for the above moo, I found an old Opera brochure that was perfect for a second moo for the challenge..... a decorative gold napkin, the same patterned paper with German scrap and the addition of a gold star and this fun little Moo is complete! I hope you enjoy this little work of art and it inspires you to give it a try and create a little art!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pretty In Pink Tags

There are so many of us who look forward to Saturday, I know I do because it's so enjoyable to see what's posted at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. This week's featured guest is Karen and she has beautiful photography to share.

This Pink Saturday I am sharing some pink tags that were made with lace and ribbons! I am busy making a few changes and moving things about....and thought it would be fun to create some tags and decorate them with some pretty lace and ribbons to give away!

Perfect for ATC embellishments or other small collage embellishments.

Each tag has a variety of lace and ribbon in different colors that can be used to create modern or vintage projects. The width of the trims are narrow to medium which will make them perfect to use in many ways! How would you use them? Perhaps on an ATC, or maybe an Inchie or Twinchie? Maybe on a fiber collage?
The tags are so pretty, too! They can be used as substrates for your next tag project!

To win this beautiful collection of three tags, just leave a comment and tell me what you would use this variety of ribbons and laces to embellish.
Be sure to leave me a link so I can contact you!
I will picking a random winner on Friday night from among the comments and will announce the winner next Pink Saturday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sweetest Valentine

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day, a day that many people around the globe express their love for one another. We need to have many more days that bring about the lofty thought of love and take action to exhibit the love!
-J. Krishnamurti said...."The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed."
Isn't this what the world needs, more loving thoughts to bring about a positive transformation? Not just for ourselves, but for all of humanity?
There is often deep conversations about love amongst my friends. We often say, "Love is twofold.... that which is given and that which is received".....
This year I have been very fortunate.....I have received so much love... In the mail I received this lovely envelope and a most beautiful collage valentine inside of it ~hand crafted by a sweet friend, Linda!
So many thanks sent to her!

However, that was not all! Tucked inside this beautiful card, was this sweetest Heart Artist Trading Card! So beautifully created with Aquas, Pinks and Red. The dictionary background gives the card great texture, and the little hearts are so sweet!

What a wonderful treasure!
A few weeks ago at the live ATC swap, our tremendously generous organizer, Alice, went way out of her way and brought all the participants the material so this beautiful doll project. She was such a joy to make and she spreads love wherever she goes.


Have A Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love In The Moo

This is a very special time of the year.
With Valentine's day approaching,
people world wide are consumed with thought of love.
In a prayer, Abdu'l-baha tells us to ask God to "Bestow upon me a heart which,
like unto a glass, may be illumined with the light of Thy love,"

To honor this special time I have accepted the Love Challenge on Moo-Mania........

And created this romantic Moo.....

And a sweet little cherub Valentine!
Each of these sweet Moo Cards were created with Stamps, colored with Inks and Copic markers. and embellished with Stickles!

Thank you for coming to share the love......

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello Kitty Cuteness Love

Hello Kitty ATC Swap

Some art from the heart was created for this fun Hello Kitty ATC swap hosted by Jade in Australia! I have a sophisticated love for this cute little kitty!

Cute & Sweet by H. Aspinall from U.K.

Love to have a Hello Kitty Snow Globe created by Sharon in Virginia.

A little cuteness from the host Jade !

More cuteness from Jade!

A Pink little dancer from Sharon!

A cute little treasure, so sweet Hello Kitty!

A little Hello Kitty that I created!

My second entry, as I couldn't stop at one! Such is my love!

I thank my host for this fun pink silly band in my little loot bag!

Thank you Jade for such a cute, fun and sweet collection!
To share some more Pink Love and Romance and some wonderful valentines, please visit the wonderful friends at Beverly's "How Sweet The Sound" where there is so much sweet Love!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

All In An Inch

Beautiful things come in small packages.
Which is why Inchies are so fun to create and trade.
What is an Inchie? It is a collage or piece of art that is an inch!
It's been quite some time since I have created an Inchie and I really wanted to create something for Valentine's Day, Valentine swaps are so much fun...don't you agree?
So I called out to my Inchie friends to participate in A City of Love Inchie swap.
The Inchies that were created for this swap are spectacular treasures!
It was such a joy to receive them in the mail.
So before the Inchies were traded and sent back to the participants, a special box was created to hold this collection.

The little box is about two inches. A green ribbon was glued to the outside of the box to keep the Inchies securely inside. A few matching flowers were added for a sweet touch.

When the box was opened a little card with a heart is revealed.
Then there is a little ribbon tab when pulled ..........

Displays the wonderful collection of Inchies.
Paris Post!

The sweet smelling Lavender.
What a beautiful scented treasure!

I heart Paris!
So sweet!

The Luxor....
The heart of the Desert

No place can be as romantic as Rome!
A place where everything is gorgeous!

This is such a fun interactive Inchie.
I Love Paris!

Got to love the Theatre in Paris!

The City of Love!

I want to thank everyone for participating in this fun swap! I do hope everyone enjoyed creating their Inchies and are happy with the final collection! I also hope it inspires a little love and art in the cities of the world! Inchies are so much fun, I look forward to another fun swap soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Beauty of Spring

There is a hint of spring in the air, the sun is shining and the earth's plants are getting ready to sprout and bloom. Women are in their houses, planning their annual spring cleaning. I am no exception. It is a task I would love to put off, however it is so pleasant when things are in order, afterward I can relax and enjoy the bounties of spring. As a treat for cleaning out the closet it is always fun to add something new, it can be purchased or hand made! This year there are some beautiful styles to choose from and they are luscious shades of pink!

Maybe it will be a new pair of pants with a pretty blouse with a sweet floral print.

Or maybe a new semi formal dress with an adorable hem line, perfect for all the wonderful garden parties on the weekend afternoons!

How can I resist a naughty little dress from Betsy Johnson whose signature color is a bright vibrant pink! A perfect little dress for a hot date night in the city!
This pretty pink collection is the best motivation to get started on the spring cleaning. In fact some pretty pink pillows for the house would add a great spring touch to the decoration in every room! Pink is so cheerful!
There is so much Pink to share, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, Pink Saturday and meet the wonderful featured guest and all the Pink Saturday friends.