Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Beauty of Spring

There is a hint of spring in the air, the sun is shining and the earth's plants are getting ready to sprout and bloom. Women are in their houses, planning their annual spring cleaning. I am no exception. It is a task I would love to put off, however it is so pleasant when things are in order, afterward I can relax and enjoy the bounties of spring. As a treat for cleaning out the closet it is always fun to add something new, it can be purchased or hand made! This year there are some beautiful styles to choose from and they are luscious shades of pink!

Maybe it will be a new pair of pants with a pretty blouse with a sweet floral print.

Or maybe a new semi formal dress with an adorable hem line, perfect for all the wonderful garden parties on the weekend afternoons!

How can I resist a naughty little dress from Betsy Johnson whose signature color is a bright vibrant pink! A perfect little dress for a hot date night in the city!
This pretty pink collection is the best motivation to get started on the spring cleaning. In fact some pretty pink pillows for the house would add a great spring touch to the decoration in every room! Pink is so cheerful!
There is so much Pink to share, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, Pink Saturday and meet the wonderful featured guest and all the Pink Saturday friends.


  1. I love all your pink! Happy Pink Saturday!


  2. Please come see the creations posted on my blog. The "pink is in" truly brings comfort. Your pictures are beautiful. Here in OH it is raining and the rivers are rising. Our dafidilli think it is spring and will bloom any day now. Crazy. I posted some new knitted gifts on my blog. My friends are going through chemo or radiation and a warm scarf or hat is just the most welcome gift. Jan

  3. Hope you had a great pink Saturday with your friends. Loving those pink pictures.