Thursday, February 9, 2012

All In An Inch

Beautiful things come in small packages.
Which is why Inchies are so fun to create and trade.
What is an Inchie? It is a collage or piece of art that is an inch!
It's been quite some time since I have created an Inchie and I really wanted to create something for Valentine's Day, Valentine swaps are so much fun...don't you agree?
So I called out to my Inchie friends to participate in A City of Love Inchie swap.
The Inchies that were created for this swap are spectacular treasures!
It was such a joy to receive them in the mail.
So before the Inchies were traded and sent back to the participants, a special box was created to hold this collection.

The little box is about two inches. A green ribbon was glued to the outside of the box to keep the Inchies securely inside. A few matching flowers were added for a sweet touch.

When the box was opened a little card with a heart is revealed.
Then there is a little ribbon tab when pulled ..........

Displays the wonderful collection of Inchies.
Paris Post!

The sweet smelling Lavender.
What a beautiful scented treasure!

I heart Paris!
So sweet!

The Luxor....
The heart of the Desert

No place can be as romantic as Rome!
A place where everything is gorgeous!

This is such a fun interactive Inchie.
I Love Paris!

Got to love the Theatre in Paris!

The City of Love!

I want to thank everyone for participating in this fun swap! I do hope everyone enjoyed creating their Inchies and are happy with the final collection! I also hope it inspires a little love and art in the cities of the world! Inchies are so much fun, I look forward to another fun swap soon!


  1. AMAZING! WOW what you can do with an inch!!! Great job! *huggles* =0)

  2. Such beautiful creations and the box is fabulous! It amazes me what can be done with an inchie...I think my fingers are too big and clumsy LOL!

  3. Gigi, thank you so much for hosting this swap. I had such fun participating and just love the beautiful presentation you housed the collection inside. A treasure! And your blog is a feast for the eyes.