Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pink Piggy

I have been altering today, but not the type of project that I normally do with paper, tins, fibers or ribbon.
Today, I have been altering a water bottle, with the girls scouts for recycling day and made it into this sweet little pink piggy!

It was the first opportunity I had to use "Cloud Clay", which was very nice to work with, had a pleasant smell and did not stick to anything but itself! I was told that the best place to purchase it was from Dick Blick.
To make pink we mixed red & white.

To create this fun little piggy grab your supplies: a shortened water bottle, some pick cloud clay, a piece of foil, a rolling pin and two wiggle eyes.

Clear the piece of foil and place the clay in the center and roll out an amount that will wrap around the water bottle completely covering it, make sure the clay is thick enough not to tear.

After the clay is smooth and the body is covered, a small half circle is added an the top of the bottle for the nose, two small ovals are added and bent over for the ears and a little coil was made and attached to the back for the tail! Two small flat circles were made out of clay and the wiggle eyes were set in them and placed onto the front of the pig and four small round balls were made and attached to the bottom on either side of the clay seam and then pressed flat to make the legs allowing the little piggy to stand. The finishing touches were the little white dots scattered on the top of the piggy. And she is complete.

It took the girls about an hour to complete their pigs with minimum help.... Oh it looks like someone didn't quite understand the project!

Pink Saturday is so very special~ Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound"is our host for this very special blog event, so please visit every Saturday and come share the pink in life!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wings of Spring

It seems that every minute of the day is packed with so much activity, the day is behind us and the opportunity to be creative is gone.
However, at the very end of last week I took a five minute moo break.
The result?
This touch of nature, moo. The challenge was to create a moo drawing and painting, so a butterfly was drawn and watercolor pencils were used to give it some color.
The result, a small piece of "Nature".
Creating Moos can be quick and they are so much fun.
If you haven't tried to create this size of art, I so recommend to try it.
Please visit Moo-Mania for more wonderful drawing and painting moos, there are some truly delightful artistic moos to enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Day

This week has been a week of joyful celebration around the world as this was the week of Naw- Ruz, which means new day. So this week we are celebrating renewal, in both the physical sense as well as the spiritual sense.
"Now the new age is here and creation is reborn. Humanity hath taken on new life.
The autumn hath gone by, and the reviving spring is here. All things are now made new."
~From the Baha'i Writings.

As this is the first Pink Saturday of the Spring, dinner will be served on this wonderful table to celebrate the joyful season with several guests. The dinner will be very delicious and the conversation extremely sweet!

Over desert we will talk about art and how wonderful it is to create it~ and also, how wonderful it is to receive it! It is also wonderful to receive so many lovely comments after a blog post! I used a random generator to select the winner from last weeks post and my very lucky friend Birgit, was selected to win the extra Irish ATC! Birgit is an extremely wonderful artist. She creates many wonderful types of art. Her photography is gorgeous. If you have a chance to visit her blog you will enjoy it. Congratulations Birgit!
There is so much to enjoy on this first Pink Saturday of Spring, to discover it please visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and enjoy a day of Pink visiting !

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Luck Of The Irish

Is it Saturday already?
This is the day of the week that always sneaks up on me... perhaps because it's more relaxed, whatever the reason the day is always filled with appointment's, meet and greet ups with crafting and play(this is a fun way to think about house cleaning!).
Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, throughout the years, it has been about wearing green, displaying the Shamrock's and having corned beef and cabbage for dinner.
Although, I am not planning on corned beef and cabbage for dinner, I am wearing green and I did received a wonderful strand of shamrock beads at this morning's ATC group swap!

Today's theme for the group was Irish and the ATC's are wonderful!

I thought it would be a challenge to create ATC's for this swap, trying as I am to use up the stash I have collected over the past several years!
I managed to unearth a wonderful Irish collage sheet that I purchased from Mystic Paper. (Located in downtown Mesa, Arizona. It is a wonderful store, if you get a chance to visit, please do!) I also used a digital sheet, downloaded from the internet which was printed at the local copy center. I added a little stamping and some gold and green ink with a few embellishments!

These are the finished cards, if you would enjoy receiving a card please leave a comment, I would love to share the extra card I created with you! I will pick a winner on Tuesday and will announce the winner's name on Wednesday!

I have enjoyed reading so many Pink Saturday Posts filled with stories of spring , pink and St. Patrick's Day at Beverly's How Sweet The Sound, however there are so many more wonderful friends to visit,so please join me!
LinkHappy Pink St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music Moos

Music is a wonderful art form, it is a great element to transform many situations. It can elevate the soul, it can stimulate the heart, it can also inspire creativity.

Listening to music today was inspiring, so out came the ink pads and paper to create a few Music Moos. Ink on paper can look so velvety, it's so very pretty. Watercolor pen was also used to move some of the ink around, primarily on the violin's. Some metallic gel pen was used to accent the pieces for some bright embellishment.

It's fun to take a few minutes from the day and create some art! It makes the day so much richer and more meaningful!

Moo cards are so fun to make and can be very quick too. Try a few using your very favorite coloring techniques, you too, may become addicted to Moo's!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So Blue

Sometimes life goes by so quickly, it's a challenge to keep up with ATC swaps!
I am finding this has been the case recently. No matter how busy life is, it's important to stop for a moment and create a little piece of art!
While it's so fun to see a blank card turn into a small piece of art, even more fun to receive a handful of different cards from the same theme arrive in the mail!
Tonight I went to the post office and sent out these sweet little blue lovelies!

"Love Is Blue"

The Challenge was to create an ATC out of a paint Chip using the color. I chose these Love Blues!
Creating art from a paint chip is fun, however I was challenged as there was a definite drying time and I found that I had to be patient and let the ink dry!
Have you created art from a paint chip?
Please leave a comment and if there is a picture of it, please link it in your comment!I would love to read about you experience!
Thank you for coming to visit this Blue art!