Thursday, March 15, 2012

Music Moos

Music is a wonderful art form, it is a great element to transform many situations. It can elevate the soul, it can stimulate the heart, it can also inspire creativity.

Listening to music today was inspiring, so out came the ink pads and paper to create a few Music Moos. Ink on paper can look so velvety, it's so very pretty. Watercolor pen was also used to move some of the ink around, primarily on the violin's. Some metallic gel pen was used to accent the pieces for some bright embellishment.

It's fun to take a few minutes from the day and create some art! It makes the day so much richer and more meaningful!

Moo cards are so fun to make and can be very quick too. Try a few using your very favorite coloring techniques, you too, may become addicted to Moo's!


  1. Those moos are amazing. I wonder why I am in the mood for listening to my favorite songs now. ;)

    Happy Monday,