Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink Lanterns

It's fun to explore different cultures with my Girl Scouts, they enjoy it so very much. This week, in preparing for the lantern festival, part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, we made paper lanterns. Making paper lanterns had been on my mind for some time, I had wanted to make them with some the little votive lights that can be purchased at the dollar store, of which I had been collecting for such a project, but the lanterns were never made.

 This week I wanted to do something creative with the girls, so the paper lantern project was revisited and the materials used to make them collected and with a little preprep done by my coworker, the project turned out very successful and the girls were happy!

The materials needed for this project are Origami paper, pictured here is a luscious pink with gold, scissors, glue stick, and awl with some string for hanging. The gold paper was cut prior to the event, with the large cutter, so all 36 sheets were cut at once.  About a half inch was cut off twice from the end of gold paper...this made the construction of the project so easy and quick.

Several can be made quickly and strung with a strong thread, measuring the distance between each lantern  and knotting the thread after every lantern, prevents them from sliding. Hanging the paper lanterns gives a room a very festive look.

Completing several lanterns made the girls very happy! Each of the girls took several sheets of paper home  to make more paper lanterns for their rooms.
Creating in pink brings about a great amount of happiness, so for more happiness, please visit Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound" where there is a wonderful community of pink lovers who share their delightful Pink Saturday's on their amazing blogs!


  1. You bring back fond memories for me. I too was a girl scout leader. I was a den mother too. Enjoy, it all goes by way too fast.


  2. What cute ideas and happy memories of scouting. Stopping by from Pink Saturday!

  3. I was a Girl Scout leader for year, so much fun!

    My e-mail is trishatoo at hotmail dot com