Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Challenges

I just adore an art challenge. Helga at Artchix is always inspiring and hosting challenges that are just too much fun to resist. This challenge was altered clothespins! I have wanted to make an altered clothespin for so long, I had all the materials at my fingertips.
Several weeks ago I had purchased a package of clip style clothespins at the dollar store, and the other day happened to see a box of Animal Crackers with a designer packaging for the Year of the was just the right colors (Helga's favorite...Pink & Green.... so I snatched it up and took it home cut it apart and began to cut, glue, paint and glitter. It was such a blast...I made another one. I took the materials to the girl scout meeting so the girls could have an opportunity to create one! If you try one you will have to create more....they are very addicting!

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