Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Round Robin Fun

It's time to grab the books and start to play.

The Round Robin Altered Book Swap is about to begin.

A group of fabulous artists have signed up to play.

Each one has selected a theme for her book and we get a few weeks to create a spread according to the selected theme.
I have had this book for quite sometime and thought it would make an excellent carpet bag...... is there a better theme for it then "Steampunk"?

I was inspired by the Gail Carriger Books - Soulless, Changeless and the new book Blameless. They are marvelous~full of Intrigue, Vampire's and Werewolves and of course love and dysfunctional relationships. They take place in London and are full of Steampunk!

Fabulous read!


  1. Hi, Gigi! I'm excited, too, to get started with our round robin! Sorry, but your book will be my first attempt at steampunk, so I sure hope I can do it justice! Will be researching and hunting for things to use for your spread. Hopefully I can produce something you will enjoy. Cheers!

  2. Hi Gigi! It IS a small world! I wonder if I've met your daughter...? And you create books too, how cool! Would love to see your steampunk page spread above -- that's another new interest of mine, though I haven't created any steampunk art yet. I'll have to check out those Gail Carriger books, too. So nice to meet you through OWOH! ~Nikki