Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Wonderful Trip

I had a wonderful time travelling through the Internet to meet so many fabulous bloggers! I look forward to many more hours of visiting all of you to enjoy your brilliant artwork and creativity.
I thank everyone who came for a visit and left a comment for me. I enjoyed reading your comments and hope that you will visit me again.
Most of all I would like to congratulate PEA of Canada, who won my door prize.
I want to express my appreciation to Lisa for coordinating and hosting this years One World One Heart Event!


  1. Honestly, Gigi, I'm beyond thrilled to be your door prize winner:-) Thank you SO much!! I've emailed you my address. Hugs, PEA xo

  2. I just checked my blog before I turned off my computer and saw your post. Your site is beautiful; I just love it!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will be back tomorrow to look around more.

    Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  3. Hi Gigi,

    Thanks so much for your lovely email which I just fished -- GASP! -- out of the spam folder. Hah!

    I will be sure to write you a proper email tomorrow. Now it's time to go to bed. :)

    Sweet dreams,

  4. WOW, Gigi, love all the details of your trip. I love SF, it's one of my fav towns. I also love your blog, very kool! Your artwork is always so clever.