Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a treat to get pink!

In spring or at any time, it's always wonderful to receive a gift...even better when it's pink!

This week I was so fortunate to receive a very special gift from Natalea of Kandeland. She has a very special person with a very special bog!This gorgeous candle decorated in vintage style arrived in the mail yesterday, it was wonderful to open the package so carefully wrapped in the most pretty pink shred, so gorgeous!

Several years ago in spring my mother , who was well know for her creative greeting cards, as well as her generous gifts presented me with this gift, a musical tea cup. The sweet pink flowers both on and in the cup always make me smile as I listen to the lovely tune it plays.

Gifts of love are so special. It's always fun to get small items that are just fun. My husband surprises me occasionally with toys to play with. My kitty from outer space was a gift I received before we were married.

During spring, a few years ago, I saw a Vespa scooter that was Pink with Hello Kitty paint job, I had to have it because it so cute! Well, I got the scooter and the helmet, not the Hello Kitty Pink, however, but a beautiful pearl Vespa with a matching helmet.

The color is so fashionable and they are fun to wear and ride in the spring!

For more spring pink treats visit the fantastic Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to surround yourself in Pink all day!

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