Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walking in Pink

Life has been extremely busy during the past few weeks, however I didn't want any more time to pass without posting for this weeks Pink Saturday! Life here in Mesa, Arizona can get too warm to go outside for an extended length of time, so while the temperature is not too high, I seize the opportunity to go outdoors. Last night was no exception. It was the 2nd Friday on Main and the theme of the evening was Rock! We traded Rock themed ATC's at Mystic Paper....

Jennifer's Beatles Card

Charlotte's GreenDay Card

My Survivor Card

A little later in the evening............

I ran into the Ghost Busters.

And the sweetest Lolita, cute bow on the waist of the skirt . Oh, I do so love the frilly lace.

If you look at this little Lolita she's wearing those cute Pink shoes!

There is always a little magic in those Friday nights, like Cinderella, I'm sad when It's time to go...but I must hurry before my coach turns into a pumpkin!

As life has been so busy for me the past week, I am going to extend the sewing package for another week, so please read on and post a comment if you would like to receive the extra loot bag from the Singer Sewing Party!

Please visit Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound" for more delightful Pink Saturday!


  1. Sounds like you had a good night out cute shoes. Trish

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog via Pink Saturday! Your blog is beautiful and it sounds like you had fun Friday night!Can't wait to look around some more:)

  3. Oh yes, and about attaching the rose to the flip flop...a glue gun would be fine,nut you could attach a pin or strong clip to take them off and on if you want.

  4. Gigi, I have tried all ways to get a hold of you. Please contact me, it is urgent. Sallie

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Gigi.... YOU WON! I just radom picked a number from my blog and you won my prize of pink earrings! I almost didn't do a Pink saturday post as I am so busy and tired but I didn't want to miss out. : )please email me your address?