Sunday, October 16, 2011

Soul Saturday & Sunday

Having a little more time on the weekend is a wonderful thing, so grateful for Saturday & Sunday! These are two days that we may be able to pause for a little devotion, prayer and reflection. Today I was thrilled to see two friends on the Oprah Show Super Soul Sunday.
Devon and Golriz share a little Peace on a Los Angeles Street.

The question is where do you find peace?
Please leave a comment on your thoughts......I would love to read them.

Find more wonderful things and pink on Beverly's Blog. The weekends are so much richer when you share a little Pink Saturday!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Where do I find peace? Most of the time (notice how I said most of the time) I find my peace the moment I walk through the door to my home. It's the home like atmosphere yes, but it's also the feeling of safety we provide ourselves here.
    Unlisted phone number or we just unplug it! We disconnected ourselves from people who aspire to add drama to life! We also play A LOT and be "us" behind our door. Prefer to be simple and laid back.
    Never hurts to take a hot bath and snuggle in your flannel Jammies in your nice big bed either :)


    PS thanks for stopping over at my blog...this was an awesome question, glad you asked it!!

  2. I find peace in a lot of different ways. First, I find my peace through my music and listening to music. Mostly through listening to music because I am usually playing something difficult. I put my headphones on, headphone amp and listen to an album on the floor. I let my whole body relax and just be the music. Secondly I find my peace through cooking. I love taking ingredients and creating something for my friends and family to enjoy. The best part is watching everyone eat and there being no leftovers. Last but not least I find peace in hiking. Being out in nature where it is quiet and get away from the problems that we humans create. The best part is seeing the wildlife; the last animal I saw was a centipede.

    -Kukla the Gabster