Monday, April 2, 2012

If I Only Had More Time

Time has been passing so quickly,
I couldn't resist having a time out from life to create some timely moos!
I grab a few supplies...
Oh my, I had so many ideas, that I had to take the time to explore each one!
Each one of these Moos were created from my collection of Rubber Stamps, inks, markers and chalk pencils!

This vintage Moo inspired from the Tim Holtz stamp collection.

A cute little retro "Kit Kat" Moo.

This timely Moo was inspired by a Tablet revealed by Abdu'l-Baha which was also set to music by my creative and musical friends friends Eric Dozier and JB Eckl on their Badasht Project II CD.

And lastly always take time to laugh !
It's been fun creating these Moo's and share them with you.The Moo-Mania blog has many more Moo's for you to see, so for more inspiration and fun, please visit Moo-Mania!
Thank you for coming to visit, I would love for you take the time to share a thought with me.


  1. Your MOOs are all beautiful ... I'm impressed!!

    xoxo doris

  2. GREAT! all of theme!

    Thank you so much for playing with us!
    xxx Susi