Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tape in Pink

Instead of packing my overnight bag for the trip I am going on in the morning, I went to a Duck Tape Evening. I wasn't very helpful as I really never played much with the duck tape medium.
well needless to say I was hooked. 
I created an animal print rosette for the top of a pen and I was off.
The girls went on to create a wallet, which is pretty nifty, but I was on bigger and more exciting projects.
I even learned a trick or two that I can share with you.

If you have never created in duck tape, it is really easy and fun. Projects are put together quickly and I think they would be indestructible

So now that have created the standard pencil topper, I am on to bigger and better things. .
My favorite tip is the cutting board. I learned to make a very forgiving cutting mat. Simple. Use clear duct tape to adhere a one inch grid paper to the back of a clear flexible kitchen cutting board. This works so well. This is so helpful with creating projects with straight lines.
Once you make one item, you will have the need to plan for another. Hello Kitty is always a good choice.
 Love the look of this bag. It's so fun. I would love to take this into the store with this on, it has so much personality!
 How about some matching shoes. This is one project I will be making soon!

Have you created in Duck tape before? I would love to hear how you became acquainted with this medium and what you craft from it? You might create a pair of shoes or dress up an old pair! You may make clothes or hats! Please share! But before you get started......

Please enjoy more pink Saturday at Beverly's Blog, there are so many hidden gems among the friends there.
Thank you for visit and have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


  1. I understand you can do many neat things with duck tape. I have never tried it. You shared some great ideas.

  2. Gigi,

    The pink bag with the face shows Barbapapa -- :) He is the father of the whole clan. Just google Barbapapa and have a look at the images.

    I really loved Barbapapa as a child. :)


  3. I never had tried this.. looks fab all this ! mostly amzazing for me are the shoes! WOW!