Sunday, June 30, 2013

Creative Inspiration

Do you have a list of creative projects that's about a mile long?
Ever need a jump to get those creative powers working?
Well the heat here in the valley is trying to get me into siesta mode, but I am fighting back! 
I took a quick trip to Scrapbooks-etc.  to get into the creative gear and move forward to complete some projects. It's a bright friendly atmosphere and it's air conditioned! This is one of the most wonderful shops for creativity, so grateful that it is a local shop.
Here are some photo's of the trip that I took yesterday.
In addition to the merchandise and supplies for both fabric and paper arts and crafts, they have many projects and samples on display as well as large classrooms and die cut areas to create in. They even have coupons and specials frequently all that's needed is to be in the system!

A selection of the class projects on display

They have Flowers from fabric........

Shabby Fabric Flower

 Flowers from paper.......

Scrap Paper Flowers
 Quilted flowers.......

Shabby Rose Quilt
All created in this fabulous bright classroom.....

Large classroom
Live too far away or can't make it in.....,go here for a great tutorial It's a tutorial that was featured on a Tuesday Tutorial to make a cotton T-shirt! Have fun, I have so many containers of scrap fabric this might be fun to give a try, so.... if you give it a try please post a comment!

Hope you enjoyed this creative trip.....
Have a wonderfully creative day!

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