Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paper Flowers

Beautiful flowers bring tremendous joy to our lives as they adorn our world with color and as they perfume the air around us with scent.  Picking out flowers for a hostess gift or for the home to decorate for a special occasion can be the highlight of an event.

Heirloom Pinks

A wedding is truly one of the most joyous events and picking out flowers for it a most special occasion itself.

Contemporary Pinks

As I love to create paper flowers I stumbled on these glorious bouquets for a bride made out of....paper!
So gorgeous in their arrangements I had to share these with you!

Poppy Love

If you have never tried making paper flowers, give it a try. It's fun and can give a room so much beautiful color. Who knows, you may even find yourself making wrist-lets and corsages for your next special event!

Please visit Beverly for more fabulous Pinks....And have a Happy Saturday!
(Photos from Paper Wedding Flowers)


  1. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love the paper's so amazing
    to see the beautiful creations made from paper.
    I'd love to have you pop in for a visit when you have a moment.

    Have a wonderful PiNk day,
    Hugs, Steph ♥

  2. Yes I think my tussie mussy cone would be easy to sew just cut a wedge shape and cut out the fabric and the pelon to line it. The ribbons and beads etc go on by hand. I have not given up I will find someone to sew the body then I can stuff it and add the ribbons etc. Love your paper flowers. Im your latest follower!!