Saturday, October 12, 2013

Art Can Change Your Life

I love to create and share art. It's fun to look at paper and images and cut them out and glue them together adding a touch of glitter or other small dazzling embellishment and completing an ATC to share or trade.
This is the latest Marie Card created for Pink Saturday!
Pretty Pink Marie
I look forward  to the ATC swap once a month to meet up with friends to see the creative outcome of the current month's theme. I really enjoy getting to know the friends in the artistic community.
It's a wonderful world wide community as well. 
Recently I joined a swap to create 2 ATC's for a partner. The theme is "My stuff, Your stuff...." Participants gathered stash to send to their selected partner and create two ATC's from the exchanged stash.
Wow did I get stuff... I spread some of it out so you can have a peek, well what do you think?
I am really looking forward to displaying the little works of art that will be created from this stash!
"My Stuff...Your Stuff" 

I have begun the creative process by putting some of the papers and images in little groups.  It will be fun to share the ATC's that will be made from this package of goodies. I can hardly wait to hear what you think!
Such a great Pink Saturday! Please visit Beverly for more inspiring Pinkness!
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  1. I've never worked with mixed media to create cards but it looks like such fun!

    Popped by from Pink Saturday.

  2. Art can most definitely change your life, and I learned that more than ever in blogland, particularly during my previous blog which was more crafty. I've met such wonderful friends through swaps. Have fun.
    Thank you for visiting this Pink Sat.