Saturday, June 20, 2009

There's a whole lot of art going on !

I love art.
As everyone knows my favorite kind of art is make up artistry.
I love the color , eye shadows, blush and lipstick! The more color the better! The ability to have a different look everyday is amazing!
To quote my very wonderful friend, Tanya.
" You're not done until you have a $300.00 face!"
Maybe that's why I love those Japanese, Geisha's so very much.
They really take make up artistry to a different level!
This weekend for the Live swap at the Frenzy Stamper we altered postcards.
Every one did such a great job. I was very excited with my loot!
The piece I create started out as a postcard from Japan that I picked up in Japantown in San Fransisco. They were so gorgeous I had to get them to share.... I added a few things and altered them until they were ready to be exchanged.

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