Wednesday, March 17, 2010


On this most beautiful St. Patrick's Day, I thought I would spend a little time sharing the luck with lots of freebies and free instructions for fun projects. (Especially if you have a few days off for spring break)
Find background papers and other images, they are always helpful if you get stuck for an picture for a card or an ATC.... like the one posted here at
For another really cute free dolly pattern, like the one posted at dolly donations, which you will love because it is sooooo cute, from the talented Jhoanna Monte fabric and softies designer.
If you love the trendy look of crocheted flowers for pins, barrettes or scrapbooking because they are so colorful and cute, find them at craftpalooza! These are super fun and very addicting, if you make one you will probably have to make a dozen because they are so darling!
How lucky are you top have a spring break and lots of free things to do to keep busy!

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