Friday, March 25, 2011

Altered Barbie

I was in my favorite paper arts store a few weeks ago, explaining how I didn't have the time to participate in this season's Altered Barbie swap. However, before I left the store Jennifer somehow convinced me that I could indeed make an altered Barbie and she gladly donated some of the materials she had left over from her "alteration"!

That evening I rushed home ready to begin the project!
Step One: Clean the Barbie components!

Step Two: Assemble Barbie on the newly constructed stands.(These were made from heavy washers purchased from Home Depot super glued together and spray painted black)

Step Three: Construct the tops: These would be the lampshade. (Instructions for this step found on this clever miniature website.

Step Four: Attach the tops of figure add some lace.

Step Five: Stand back and giggle!

For more delightful Altered Barbie's you can visit Mystic Paper in Downtown Mesa, Arizona or you can take a virtual tour at Mystic Paper The current swap has not be posted yet. However, I know it is only a matter of time!

Want to play?

The next collection is due May 26th!
Come join us!

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