Monday, March 21, 2011


Today is a new day.......... spring has arrived!
The earth is in motion and growth: the mountains, hills and prairies are green and pleasant: bounty is overflowing: mercy is universal: rain is descending from the clouds of compassion: the brilliant sun is shining: the full moon adorneth the ethereal horizon: the great ocean-tide is flooding every little stream; gifts and favors follow one upon the other: and a refreshing breeze is blowing, wafting the fragrant perfume of the blossoms...........

Today is also the day we award the winner of the 200th blog post! Can you hear the drum roll as the random number generator selects the winning person.
And the winner is:

It's thrilling to be giving away this fabulous collection of Asian goodies along with the Penzy Arizona spice and cookbook to this lucky winner who posted the 4th comment ~and it is Melissa!
I would like to thank every came for a visit and took the time to post a comment, I really enjoyed reading them and plan to comment on your blogs soon!
I wish all of you a many happy and joyous days this spring !


  1. Oh, your vivid description of spring in Arizona makes me want to jump on the next plane! :)

    Congrats to Melissa! I hope she will post a couple of photos of dishes cooked with that tempting Arizona Dreaming spice. :)


  2. Thanks Gigi, I see if Michelle will make something for me (haha). It made my day better with my drama this morning! Thanks again