Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living The Past

Making little books has been a hobby of mine for several years, as you may have seen in past posts. I have created tiny books bound by a single staple, small books bound by notebook rings and even a few novelty books which I bound by thread and ribbon.
Tonight I cut some paper and saddle stitched these booklets for my Girl Scout Troop. I gathered some paper from my stash in my effort to "Use It Up"! The project that we are working on is "Living The Past" To accomplish this project the girls will create a female character from the past and create a journal over a week in the life of this fictional character. These books will become the journal for these characters. I promised the girls I would create a fictional female character as well and work on this project along side with them. It is a very exciting project as we discover the bounties and privileges of being a women in today's world as opposed to the past.

After we complete the journals we will be creating a paper doll of our characters to bring these girls to life. We will be crafting the paper dolls from the wonderful templates created by Kimberly Crick . If you are interested in joining us in this journey in the past you can download the paper dolls here.
If you would like a journal to embellish for your created character, please leave me a comment and I will make one send one out to you. It will be exciting to see what female character you might create. I look forward to feature the completed projects on a future post!

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  1. This sounds like a fun project! I used to LOVE paper dolls! Could spend hours playing with them.:)