Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Winter Time

The doors are open and the sunshine is streaming through the windows. 
I put a long sleeved turtle neck shirt on this morning, which I will have to change before I go out to the local orange market to see if this years navels are for sale.(The locally grown oranges have the sweetest flavor!)
Tonight will be a different story, away goes the sun and the cold air sets in and it becomes cold!
So I gratefully turn the heat on and smile and feel confident that another beautiful day will be on it's way tomorrow! 
Happy Pink Saturday, this week is Pink Holiday Porches. I really don't have a porch, but if I did what would I like? And how festive would I want to be? So I looked for some picture and what I thought I might like.
I picked this one out first, as the decoration is so clever. Who wouldn't want these beautiful big boxes with gorgeous bows on top of them, sparkling into the night?

 Then I thought I would like a little sitting area on my porch so when the early afternoon was flooding the porch, I could sit and have a cup of coffee or tea among friends. Therefore I would have to have a little decoration on the occasional table.  I think this tree with it's shiny baubles would be the perfect centerpiece for such an area.
teacup bottle brush tree pink and gold glitter Christmas holiday bottle brush

 Of course I would love a little something that would make a big impression, so I would have a fun tree in a big urn next to the door. I think that it would be great to have this tree year round and decorate it for every holiday and festive occasions all year long.
This was a black resin urn. She tells how to antique it.

Well, I got to get busy and create a porch like area at the front door. I am sure with these fun ideas, I can create something great! I know that every week I go visiting the friends who post on Pink Saturday, I get so many wonderful ideas, so don't be surprised when I post my little entry way on a Pink Saturday so you can see all the inspiring ideas that are shared each week right at my front door!
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  1. You picked some very pretty porches to share. In Texas it was 83 degree today

  2. I love your pink tree and urn. I am a breast cancer survivor and I would like to re-create something like it for my front door! (If that is alright with you!) Great idea!

  3. Oh a pretty pink post! I truly love it! I think it would be an honor for Linda to recreate this for her porch. What a gorgeous display. Have a terrific weekend and enjoy the oranges! I had fun here today!

  4. Hello Gigi, thank you for your sweet comment. I too love the apron and I wear them as well.

    Your porch inspiration photos made me smile. You are a Pinkie for sure. It is so nice to meet you.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  5. Love those Urn Tree Creations... have Saved that Vintage Shiny Bright & Bottlebrush Tree Image for Inspiration to Create something like that!

    Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Such fun pictures to see! I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Love all three. The boxes are very creative and I love the little ornaments on the tree!