Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Sewing It

Recently I have been inspired by several of the hand sewn little felt plushies I've been seeing on the Internet.

 On a recent visit to San Francisco I went to the Japanese bookstore and treated myself to the most wonderful book of little plushie patterns. These little animals are so cute! I have been wanting to create not just one, but several.
I have been sucked in by these little cuties created by others and am anxious to find a little free time to create some of my own! I have decided to share a little of what I have found with you! I am creating a blog list so you too can admire and perhaps join me in this little creative endeavor! 
To begin the journey, I would like to send you to Creative Breathing , where you will find the sweetest little felt choir boy tutorial and the pattern~ which is available to print.! 
There are some really cute patterns to delight you at LucyKate Crafts. I have seen at least two or three projects I would like to attempt there. There are several free tutorials there that would be great to start with. 
One real sweet pattern featured is this adorable holiday tree plushie:

but....... If you like pigs, you have to try this little sweetheart:
There is a free printable pattern there for you. 
Why stop at one? 
What would it look like to have one little piggy in every color! 

I have seen some really cute dolls available. Such little lovelies at  Gingermelon Dolls
There you will see some little hugables!
Get out your needles, there are a few tutorials found here so you too can create your own special friend!

If ornaments are your thing, you can join the party at Fellow Creatives and have a Felt a palooza and create a dozen of fabulous little treasures. There you will find a PDF to download and make dozens of felt ornaments!
And now for something very sweet and special,  You must visit Erica who is also a lover of little felt creatures. There at her blog she has special cute dollies for the very young.
She has the most wonderful blog, and even has some patterns available to recreate some of the gorgeous little darlings she has created.

 A colorful garland made with birds and owls strung together with trad and beads!
This week I did manage to cut out and a felt project. I took this one to girl scouts this week. I did manage to complete one mitten, but I believe that I gave the other side away. This is a sweet pattern that can be created very quickly and it is so much fun.
I enlarged the pattern slightly so it would be easy for younger girls to sew, however you can also reduce the size and create  smaller ones, in dozen of colors. This one can be stuffed with other little treats, too! I could not resist and created a heart to sew on the top! Find the pattern here. I had so much fun learning blanket stitch for this, I can hardly wait to cut out more shapes and continue this wonderful creative process!

I hope you join me! If you can please send me a link to your post project, 
I will be so delighted to see what you create!


  1. Oh my , such adorable plushies!!!

  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog, you are entered in the giveaway, good luck! I am a new follower of yours, I loved the garland of owls and birds, I would love to make one of those!