Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creative Inspiration

Autumn is a wonderful  time of year here in Arizona.     There is beauty to be found everywhere you look.   
The blue of the sky, the green of the winter grass coming in and the beautiful birds with their enchanting melodies that come south for the winter. 
It's also fun to get away from the city and pack up the car  and take a drive into the mountains and enjoy the beauties of the high desert. Enjoying the scenic views  abundant with Aspen trees and Ponderosa Pines.

There is so much beauty in the high desert, from the beautiful foliage along the road to the majestic silhouette of the San Francisco Peaks. If you look carefully along the roadside you might find a pair of eyes looking out toward you.

 What you may find along the way are visitors taking the train to view this beautiful setting. 

Once you do get up to the Rim you see a great deal of wild life just grazing the area. 
They come so very close to you it's both enjoyable and spectacular.
The are deer and elk are in abundance. You need to pay attention as you drive through the mountains as these animals  wonder into the road frequently and can cause accidents.

There are always birds circling above waiting to drop down for a tasty dinner.
 Once you drive beyond 7,000 feet the air really does get chilly, and you can begin to expect to see snow.

However the weekend is short and it's time to drive back down the mountain , in fact it doesn't take long to get down the mountains back into the city, where you begin to see again the desert bloom jutting out from under rocks and around trees enjoying the warm sunshine of the desert.

Several weeks ago the wonderful Birgit of Swapping Howdies, wrote about the wonderful festival in October that is held in her part of the world. It was such a wonderful post. She also had a little blog candy to offer her readers. Well, I was so delighted when I was told that I had been selected to receive the fabulous gifts. The gifts arrived here wrapped beautifully , by the amazing Birgit. The collection is so wonderful and I am so delighted with these goodies. They will certainly be useful to keep me organized with the activities I am currently participating in.  Thank you so much Birgit, thank you for sharing your life on your blog as well as offering and delivering such wonderful blog candy! The photographs are from Birgit's blog site, please visit Birgit, if you haven't already, her posts wonderful.

It has been a fabulous Pink Saturday, time spent with friends , time spent with children, time spent doing all those things that are put off during the week. Thank you for spending part of your day with me! To enjoy what others are serving for this Pink Saturday, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and enjoy visiting so many wonderful places on this gorgeous Pink Saturday!


  1. Some great pictures there! Love the girls standing with the pumpkins.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week!

  2. How amazing that in a single drive you can go from summer to fall to winter and back to summer again!

    Looks like it was a fabulous Pink Saturday!



  3. what a lovely drive you had-looks so beautiful, and I love all your pics of the birds and animals!! You received some really wonderful gifts-I'm going to check out Birgit's blog....

  4. Oh Gigi... I wish I lived a wee bit closer. We would have so much fun exploring your beautiful state. Arizona has a special place in my heart for sure.

    Anyway, I am happy that you enjoyed the goodies! Thanks SO much for the great surprise envelope with the lovely cards, paper goodies, tag, and ATCs. Most of all, I love your words -- I feel just the same way! On this Thanksgiving Day I certainly want to thank you not only for the goodies but also for your friendship!

    I posted about your goodies on my blog.

    Big hugs,