Saturday, November 9, 2013

Altered Boxes

This week was an exciting week with altered art. As you see, I was given a stack of dinnerware boxes-as I am know to be an altering creative person. After some reflection I thought they would make perfect "Prop Boxes" for my girl scout troop's current journey. This week we began altering. As you see from the picture quite a lot of pink was used as the girls really love that color.

Quite awhile ago I purchased a bag of several cabinet door pulls similar to the one below at the Goodwill for about $1.50, saving them for just such an occasion. They worked great as the handles for the boxes. They were hot glued and secured with the screws after the top was decorated.

Later in the week I was invited to a very special birthday party celebration. And thought I would make card to give with the gift. However, when the creative process began things changed up, as they so very often do. The box below (the same box used as photographed above) is the finished project and while I was photographing the box before the event, I though that I must make a tag to hang from the handle which would say "Happy Birthday!", and so I did,  however there was no time to photograph it as I was off to the event!

This is a very happy Pink Saturday! Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound  for more seasonal celebrations, she has posted a wonderful Pecan Pie recipe and is featuring sweater pumpkins!
As always, be happy and celebrate this beautiful day!

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  1. Oh how adorable. What a fun and easy project for grandparents and their grandchildren! Thanks for sharing this cute idea.