Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Stuff Your Stuff

It was a blast to get creative with the loot that was sent to me from the for the "My Stuff, Your Stuff" swap.
I recently sent out the two cards that were made. I have completed one more card and have selected pieces to make another card.
Card one is an Asian theme. Four different elements were used on this card. The text and the Chinese man were from the Heaven Money. A Chinese coin would have worked as well, however this gold flower was found amongst the goodies and it fit well!

If you look closely at the picture a few posts back in October you will spy the materials that were used for these two cards.  This second card was made from an old invitation you can see it in the picture on the top in the center of the stash. There was also an old map and the silver heart embellishment that I was able to use. The card shouts Love! The greens look lime in this picture, when actually they are more pastel. A little glitter was added to give the card a little shimmer.
If you are asked to participate in a swap like this, do sign yourself up. You will have fun and you will get some great art in return!
The swaps I received will be in a future post, they are gorgeous!

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