Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ready for The New Arrival

In anticipation for the little boy that will be arriving soon, our first grandson, I made his mother a little book so that the parents can document their experiences as new parents. I selected some neutral solid papers and some matching printed baby papers and put them together for a little book to add photo's and memories.
The pages were cut to two different sizes to create a little interest. The book has no theme, a preference of the father.

A great 12 x 12 sheet was found and cut up to add to the book, which will help with the documentation of Doctor visits and different experiences that these new parents will have.
The book is big enough to chronicle the nine months of preparation as well as the first precious days of this little boys life.
I am so excited for Breeanna and Eric to fill the pages with their memories and photos of this special time of their lives!

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