Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rolodex Swap

It seems likes its been ages since the last Rolodex swap. However it's only been one short month! This month the theme was fabric and I had every intention of doing some decorative stitching and I was quite looking forward to it. However life got in the way and before long the project was due. So I got our the stamps and some ink pads and did some painting with alcohol inks on fabric. To finish the card glitter and a ribbon on a safety pin were added. I really am anxious to explore more stamping and coloring on fabric, the Eiffel Tower Barbie was the start of it!
I think this design would look gorgeous with some stitching added to it, perhaps to add a little texture to the hair and then some metallic thread throughout the background for more color. The possibilities are endless....and isn't this what is what makes art fun and magical!

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