Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Feeling the shivers this week is something that doesn't occur often, but this week, baby it's cold outside.
A picture will speak a thousand words~and yes~ this is a picture of a house in Arizona!

I was out and about looking for some pink to share and found this house, complete with roof to ground icicles, all around, on my way. This house, not mine, is up in the White Mountain Area of Arizona! It was actually a Sunny day, but the freezing temperatures made it look overcast and cold!

I was wishing during this trip I had one of my knitted scarfs. So this past week I picked up a pair of knitting needles and completed this warm scarf. When I showed it to a friend,  I was informed that it was an infinity scarf.

It was easy to make, a perfect project for a beginner.
  • 1 pair of knitting needles, a size 15 U.S. was used here
  • 2 balls of Patons bobbly yarn, any color
  • 1 Bodkin to sew ends 
Cast on 16 stitches and proceed to knit every row. When you come to the end of the second ball, cast off and sew the ends together. Slip over your neck and model your new accessory!

Now that you're going to be warm when you go out, you can go out and about to shop. If happen to be in the northern part of Arizona, you can explore the second hand shops and Antique stores, This one actually caught my eye:

I thought that this little pink trailer would be perfect to hitch on to my pearly white Vespa. What do you think? Adorable, perfect to take on little overnights. It is in the garden of this yard. What do you think about the little bench made out of the headboard? I think that it needs a little more pink- and maybe some sweet flowers!

There is more sweet Pink today so please visit Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound", where you can delight the eye with some great Pink Saturday finds!

I now would like to thank everyone who came for a visit last week. I appreciate and thank you for your visit and comments.
I will email each one of you for your address, so I can send you an envelope with substrates and goodies to create some ATC'S or moo cards!

It being Saturday, I am going to run out to the orange groves to purchase some delicious oranges picked right from the tree! Life is wonderful! Enjoy!


  1. It was the trailer in your link photo that grabbed my attention. Someone in my travels has one that they use for their craft room. Not a bad idea. Great post. I'm curious about the other post you mentioned - maybe I can find it?
    Brrr, that photo looks cold!
    Happy Pink Saturday, Jenn

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! I LOVE that travel trailer. My newest craving is for one of these. Loved my visit to your blog today.

  3. Love the scarf. I think I need one so I am going to pull out some yarn. You have inspired me.
    Also remember to get your Girl Scout Cookies!!

  4. Such a pretty blog banner and happy pink Saturday. I received one of those infinity scarves for Christmas but it's been so warm here haven't had a chance to use it. xo

  5. Love the pink trailer. Some feedback on your site: in my firefox browser on the mac, the texture of the background goes "over" the photos, partially obscuring them. It's kind of pale, but still. As you scroll down, the texture stays in place. Thought you'd like to know. Your pretty pictures can't really be seen properly.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. I have gone to view my blog at work on firefox,which is the browser on my Mac and can't say that I have seen that issue? So I will pay particular attention to this to see how I can change it.

  6. The pink trailer is adorable. Do you think Barbie uses it! Big smile here. I too love your infinity scarf. I have no idea how to crochet. Sigh!!!

    We live in the Western Carolina mountains and our weather has been in the high 60's. So unusual but it is turning cold again soon. No snow yet this year.

    xo, Jeanne

  7. Oh I totally squealed with delight seeing that baby pink Vespa - my daughter has wanted one her entire life, oh I would love to be able to give her one!!!!!

    Thank you so much for your visit last week, sorry I have been gone most of the week and so late in my reciprocating manners.

    Have a blessed day!