Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do I Hear Bells?

It's fun to ring in a new year. Plans are made, goals listed and happiness abounds. Each year goals are created for a positive course to follow and it usually goes smooth for a while and after the first few weeks new things appear that delight the eye and the plans change and the goals are altered. 
Last year I had set out in the beginning to use all the stash I had accumulated over the past years, but before spring arrived I had moved homes and this had me either boxing or leaving many of the supplies I had accumulated over the years.  This year my goals are a little more simplified. I plan to make a little creative space every day and to finish those projects already started and then to created some fun new artistic items that I have always wanted to create, but never got to try!                                                                   Recently I have unpacked quite a few of the things I was able to bring and happily have been able to be have a little creative time. So I gathered some supplies to assemble some ATC's. I have wanted to create some girlie girl cards for some time and am delighted to share them here.
I had great fun finding little bits to add to this image of Marie. I wanted to her to be embellished in pink!

Creating Paris themed cards are great fun. There is always an idea of art, culture and romance. Images to create Paris art are plentiful, too!

This ATC was made for a special friend. I was inspired by the lovely Dior stockings I used to purchase from France. They were lovely and so very feminine.

Paris ATC's
This is the Paris 2012 collection. They were so very fun to make.  Many of the images used are from Artchix, which is a favorite of mine. I have also used a few patterned papers as well as several stamped images. I grabbed many ink pads, but as yet have only unpacked a few, so most of the cards were edged in brown or silver ink. 
I have some extra blank board to share. If you would like several sheets cut to ATC size, post a comment  and I will pick someone at random from among the comments on Saturday morning! Let me know if you have ever used cardboard as a substrate or if you use watercolor paper or a heavy card stock?  I enjoy creating cards on this board as it is  wonderful and the cards have such a nice weight.
Thanks for your visit!
Until the next post, 
please be happy, and add some creativity to your day!


  1. I have not used cardboard as base for my ATCs, but i have used a lot of heavy watercolour papers and thick card stocks meant for scrapbooking. The watercolour papers are good when too want to start from a blank, especially to add your own colors. Other times, i use fabric to sew the ATCs.

  2. Dear Gigi,

    First of all -- Happy New Year, my friend!!! :) Here's to a healthy, creative and simply magical year full of great surprises!

    Your Paris-themed ATCs are all lovely. When I started to make ATCs, I even used cardboard from cereal boxes and the like.

    Well, I am off now to check out your other recent blog posts.


  3. Lovely work! I use all kinds of materials for ATC backings, including wallpaper, cardboard from boxes of crackers and coffee (not acid free), poster board, comic book board (acid free for comic book preservation), cut up soda cans, watercolor paper, etc. Love your backgrounds!

  4. Love your ATCs!!! I have used cardboard before but it has been awhile back...I need to get busy again :)