Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Share the Love

 There is a fabulous group of women in the valley that have been meeting once a month on Saturday morning to share art. It was my fortune to have joined them. It is a pleasure that I look forward to. Each month  a challenge is announced and we go home and create an ATC for each member to swap. I have posted these cards several times in the past with so much enthusiasm. We sometimes create a project together on the spot and we talk about the latest and greatest products on the market. We also share a little of our lives with each other, which I cherish deeply.
This past year it has been very difficult to meet up with these sweethearts, but last month I was so happy to do so. We had a grab bag swap and we exchanged our holiday inspired ATC's.
This month I am a few days ahead of the game, as I am usually rushing around on a Friday night looking for bits and pieces to complete my project, not fulling completing it until I rush out the door the next morning , blowing on the stickles to get it dry before I arrive at event.
This month the only requirement was to use the cardboard substrate. So this is where I began. I had a collection of paper and embellishments in a little bag so I went with the heart theme and created my art from  this find.

The substrates are covered with a fun group of background paper. 
The paper was sheeted as a 6x6, there was one of  3 different prints to work with.
More paper was used to create hearts and patterned strips.
These were glued on, after a brown string was was wrapped and tied around the card.
There was a a wonderful sheet of stickers to use, there are so many wonderful inspiring words, among them are believe, scatter joy, love dream and create.
The finished cards are small pieces of joy! I so hope the recipients will be happy with these cards to add to their growing collections! Such an inspiration to share the love.

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  1. Beautiful cards, you have such patience to make such beauties.

    How neat to be in a club that does that- makes it so much more fun when doing with friends.


    I can't see to find your email addy, so hope you read all your comments! Please shoot me an email when you get the chance to give me your address.

    Have a blessed weekend.