Friday, March 22, 2013

Pink Paper

Welcome weekend!
This is a very special weekend. 
I will be conducting two workshop for girls to create paper flowers and what you can make with them.
I have created some samples to show and share!

This lovely blue flower was created with some recycled paper crumbled up, stacked and attached together with a gold brad. To wear this a pin back was glued to the back.

Can you tell this flower posie was created from a lunch bag? Grab a stack of them and see what pretty flowers you can create!

This flower was created with an old Stanford course description catalog. They are free and available on many street corners in the Palo Alto area. The many layers of petals are attached with a colorful red brad. A loop of elastic was glued to the back to make a fun wrist-let.

Pink handmade paper with a lace bow attached together with a black brad. This wonderful flower arrangement was glued to a barrette. Don't you think it will look pretty in the hair? 
How about a giveaway?
Please leave a comment by Wednesday of this next week and a random winner will be selected to receive a large envelope of this pretty recycled paper!
 For more pink , please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
Thank you for coming by today! 


  1. What adorable creations. It is amazing what you have done with nothing really. Nicely done.

  2. I love paper flowers and these are terrific! Who knew those Stanford catalogs could be so useful to the passers-by! I'll remember that when I'm up there next week!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for visiting my blog! Valerie

  4. The girls really were amazed with the flowers that they made. So beautiful with only a bit of work. Lots of creative differences made each flower unique just like the girls.
    Love working with you GIGI