Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Month At The Zoo

As we approach the Penguin exhibit I feel a chill in the air.
It's a great place to hang out during the heat of the summer.
This little guy wanted his portrait setting to be Helga's masterboard,so I complied.
He is an inchie. He's embellished with a glitter snow flake and a flower. I find inchies, because of their small size, both fun and challenging .
The colors in the masterboard made a wonderful background for Mr.Penguin with both warm and cool colors making a visual statement.
What he is really trying to say is,
"Cold Feet, Warm Heart"


  1. Awww, your little penguin inchie is adorable Gigi! Thanks so much for playing in this fun art challenge! : )

  2. Too cute, Miss Gigi! I love doing inchies too. I haven't done any for awhile and I think you have encouraged me to try again. The last time I participated I took all that I received and framed them in a long, narrow shadow box. Not my idea, but a good one and they look so good. This little guy reminds me of when my kids were small and we went to SeaWorld. My middle son, Ryan, kept saying "I wanna see the Pig-o-wins". Happy memories!

  3. Hi

    I love your penguin inchie - he looks great with the warm colours.

    Lovely blog btw!