Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday Drive

It was a perfect day on Saturday to take a drive.
The weather was clear and hot~not as hot as it had been
during the week, but a nice day to drive up into the mountains.
The destination....Jerome, Arizona. Now an artsy, museum, ghost town. We went via Prescott and took the Mingus Mountain Scenic Route. Talk about living on the edge. I took several picture of the drive along the edge... but they just don't give you that driving on edge feeling.
As you can see Jerome is an old mining town, which has turned into an artist community.
It was late when we arrived so we ate at the Haunted Hamburger on their cool patio, enjoying the sunset and
the view off the San Francisco Peaks.
Inspiring....The colors of the sunset were breathtaking.
The menu was fun,I ordered the "Ghost Burger" and it was
good, although it didn't come with any spirits on the side!


  1. Oh I loved going to Jerome! I lived in AZ back in the 70's and it was just getting to be an artsy type of place. I used to go through all the shops and look for copper items for my home. And yes, coming in from Prescott always was a thrill! Those streets are so narrow that I never thought the car would get through.

    Mary Wilkins

  2. Your beautiful art has given me strength to help my daughter and I get over the flu! Thankyou for sharing your joy with others! Rose and Sasha