Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Artfest

I have several stamps that found their way into my stash that are text and numbers. I use them a lot in scrapbooks. I always love a challenge to use stamps in other projects, so when a numbers swap came up, I was thrill at the opportunity to use them to create an ATC. This is what I was inspired to create, "The Number Five"
The coin stamps are so fun to use, and they are great for using when the cards need to be mailed as they add very little weight. It was fun to create the nickel heads, I used colored pencil and finished them with a silver rub around the edges. It's so fun to see what other cards have been create for the swap!

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  1. I love using text and numbers in my work too. It just seems to add that something extra that a piece of art needs. You seem to belong to quite a few ATC swaps. I miss doing ATCs. It seems to me like ATCs were really big for a few years and then all the swap groups went to swapping everything but ATCs. And ATCs are so much easier to store since they make those plastic sheets for them. Storing all the other swap items becomes hard for me. At any rate, I love this green 5 ATC. I also loved your Mer ATC.