Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Cheer

The Desert Ridge Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona was decked out this month in Holiday Cheer. Beautiful Flowers and trees were displayed throughout the lobby..... but that wasn't all.... Every year the resort constructs the most extraordinary gingerbread village which is placed in the center of the lobby for all to enjoy.
The theme this year, as you can see in the picture is: Wonkaland.
I could not resist to share a few pictures of the delicious structures that make up the village.
Who is in the pipe?

The shapes and colors used look so delicious.
No village is complete without a railway system.
This house was made out of the shiniest hard candy.


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  1. I love these photos. The blueberry girl (violet?) is my favorite and I love the kid stuck in the pipe! We have a big gingerbread event in our town every year too but we didn't get to make it this year.
    Thank you for the pillow idea by the way. I think it will be a perfect project for that fabric. :)