Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shabby Comfort

Last week I had begun a quick quilt project..... pictured is the pieces of the quilt after sewing the pieces together. I really enjoyed selecting the fabric for this quilt, it's from the Life's a Hoot line of fabric.

There are seven different patterns used to make this quilt, six for the front and a soft coordinating flannel for the back. Purchased were three yards for the front, half yard cuts in six different patterns and three yards for the back.
Each of the prints were cut into three forty inch long and five and one half wide strips and for the back eighteen strips of the same measurements as the front.

Then one of each of the front strips and six of the back strips need to be cut in half and sewn to the matching full strip making twelve of the front and twelve of the back.

The strips are ready to be sewn together, placing a front strip to a back strip wrong sides together and sewn to the next strip in the order that you would like them to lay. When the strips are all sewn and the quilt is one piece, it needs to be sewn all the way around the outside two times.

Once the pieces are sewn together and the outside sewn, the seams are ready for clipping. Clip all the seams at quarter of an inch intervals. Be sure that the no seams are clipped. The quilt needs to be washed about tree times to fray the clipped edges.

When completed, the quilt will look like this:

Max absolutely loves it. It is so soft, comfortable and warm! It was so much fun to make!

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  1. This is really cute and I love the fabric.
    I am not usually into green but my boys love it so this inspires me to make one for them. :)